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Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech

He Cailin

Mr. He Cailin

As a senior engineer and senior economist, he has won honorable titles such as China’s 100 Outstanding Innovators, China’s Excellent Private Technology-driven Company Owner, A Pioneering Figure of China’s Private Sector, An Outstanding Figure of China’s Economy Sector, Talented Private Company Owner of Zhejiang, Charity Model of Ningbo, Model Worker at Municipal and District Levels, Top Ten Businessmen of Ningbo, Most Socially Responsible Entrepreneur in Beilun District. He served as a member of the 7th and 8th Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Beilun District, the Vice President of the China Private Entrepreneurs Association, the Deputy Chairman of the First Expert Technical Commission of China National Internal Combustion Engine Standardization Committee, the Leader of the Cooling Fan Working Group of National Technical Committee for Internal Combustion Engine Standardization, Vice President of Zhejiang Automobile Industry Association, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Association, Vice President of Ningbo Private Enterprise Association, Vice Chairman of the First Council of Ningbo Professional Managers Association, Vice Chairman of Beilun District Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Chairman’s Speech

We are bound to march forward no matter how thorny the path. In the past ten struggling years, Xuelong people have maintained the corporate spirit of “quality first, customer first, strive for perfection”, and always pursued perfection. It serves customers by relying on energy-efficient production, premium quality, effective management, supported development and guaranteed after-sale services.


The vessel Xuelong has sailed off towards the massive ocean of market economy. While envisioning a bright blueprint, Xuelong people dash forward to develop the company into a comprehensive, modern and international large group that mainly specializes in the manufacturing of auto parts and integrates product research and development, auto part testing, import and export!

 Looking forward to the future by learning from the past, Xuelong people have always so united for aggressive progression. I expect my friends from all sectors to more care for and support Xuelong. Together we can benefit each other and create a better picture for the automobile industry.