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It is the motherland that breeds outstanding national cultural elements in Xuelong's corporate culture. All Xuelong employees stick to the code of conduct that says “devotion leads to success; grow, improve and succeed in Xuelong”. While adhering to the human-oriented and reasonable management, we value the creation of corporate culture and an elegant and rigorous working environment to keep the company young and energetic.

Create an international brand to be a market giant

Corporate Vision

Simple and effective, straight to the target, systematic and controllable, execution uppermost

Management Principles

Innovative, enterprising, efficient, pragmatic, collaborative, and honesty

Xuelong Spirit

Survive by quality, grow by technologies; seize the market with credibility and make profit with management

Corporate Philosophy

Make products that are exclusive, excellent and new in the market

Xuelong’s View of Products

Everything must be done beforehand to take the leading position; fighting is the only way to grow stronger; innovation is a must for development and advancement

Corporate Tenet

Quality first, customer first, and expand global market

Operation Strategy

Excavate brand resources, cultivate brand culture, promote brand value and increase brand vitality

Xuelong’s View of Brand

Human-oriented and credibility-based; choose, establish, consolidate and improve credibility and win with credibility

Xuelong’s View of Credibility

Adore talents, support talents, and cultivate talents with true hearts for talents, capability of recognizing talents, enough room for talents and responsibility of developing talents

Xuelong’s View of Talents

A company lives on products and a product lives on quality; quality means sales and sales means profit

Xuelong’s View of Quality

Keep a close eye on the market, stay close to users, think in their ways and serve the sincerely

Xuelong’s View of Service

Devotion leads to success; grow, improve and succeed in Xuelong.

Xuelong's View of Employees