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Patents and Industrial Standards

Patents and Industrial Standar

The company has consistently adhered to technological innovation and focused on the accumulation of core technologies. In terms of the protection of technical achievements, the company currently has more than 100 patents, including 15 invention patents. The company has obtained a large number of patents not only in China, but also in important overseas markets such as Germany, South Korea, Japan, and the United States, thus safeguarding product development and technology R&D.


First-rate enterprises develop standards, second-rate enterprises create brands, and third-rate enterprises only make products. As a leading unit in the development of industrial standards, the company has been insisting on being standardized. While upgrading itself, identifying its industrial position and implementing development strategies, the companies follows the principle of “standards being the key” by constantly improving product quality and performance. In this way, it has firmly secured its leading position in the industry and actively promoted the upgrading of the industry.


The company is the leading unit in the formulation of technical standards for the industry, a member of the National Technical Committee for Internal Combustion Engine Standardization. The Secretariat of the Cooling Fan Working Group of Internal Combustion Engine Committee is located in the company. The company has completed the formulation of nine industrial standards regarding the plastic cooling fans of internal combustion engines, and participated in the formulation of 22 industrial standards and 25 national standards.