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Technologies and R&D Honors

Technologies and R&D Honors

Xuelong Group has a strong material modification technology team, especially in the modification of fan materials. It has accumulated rich experience, and formed a production line of material modification formula technologies and large-scale preparation special for home-made cooling fans. According to the requirements of different blow molding and injection molding products, plastic base materials are modified by high-tech means to improve the toughness and strength. The plastics modified by the company are advantageous in heat resistance, cold resistance and aging resistance, and immensely more reliable, capable of replacing imported materials. The company has obtained several patents in material modification.


 The engine cooling fan performance simulation technology of the company can simulate the motion of the flow field when the fan is working, and obtain the relation curve between the flow rate of the fan and the static pressure, efficiency and power, along with the noise value at the corresponding speed. The modal analysis and testing technology of the company can analyze the frequency response and modal identification of products. The company can analyze the stress of fans, calculate the fatigue degree and service life of fans, and analyze the heat dissipation of silicone oil clutches to ensure that the silicone oil is not overheated and the clutch performance is stable.


The company's products and R&D projects have been frequently listed as “National Torch Program Project”, “National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project”, “National Key New Products”, “National Guiding Project for Science and Technology Breakthrough in the Tenth Five Year Plan”, “National Technical Innovation Fund Project for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises”, and have won an array of technological advancement awards at provincial, municipal and district levels.

Technological Innovation Fund for Technology-based SMEs

The first product (set) in the province

Third Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award

National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project