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Xuelong's products are in more than 5000 kinds and divided into engine cooling fan assembly, viscous fan clutch assembly, e-controlled viscous fan clutch assembly, automobile light-duty blow-molded parts and injection-molded parts. The market share of its engine cooling fan products is about 35% in the domestic commercial vehicle market.The market share of the fan clutch assembly products has exceeded 30% for many years. These make Xuelong's products competitive in the domestic market.

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Our engine cooling fans are made of plastic instead of metal, which has the advantages of light weight, low fuel consumption, high specific strength, high output rate, low production cost, sound vibration reduction and sound insulation effect, excellent product forming process, etc. Our products include hub fans, hubless fans, ring fans and combo fans.

The electronically controlled silicone oil clutch is an intelligent clutch with rapid response, precise control, intelligent feedback, unrestricted fan layout, etc. It has better effect in noise reduction and energy saving, and thus can effectively prolong the service life of engines.

The silicone oil clutch uses silicone oil as the medium to transmit torque with its high viscosity. It senses the temperature of the air around the radiator through the temperature sensing ring, automatically controls the meshing and separation of the fan clutch, and has the effect of reducing fan noise and fuel consumption, so as to save energy and reduce emission.

Our automotive lightweight blow molding products are mainly structural functional parts, including engine intake pipes, expansion water tanks, air outlet pipes of air conditioners, etc., By applying hollow blow molding process and one-time molding, they feature strong corrosion resistance, and are non-toxic, odorless, and anti-aging, thus meeting the requirements of sanitation and environmental protection.

Other injection molding products of the company are mainly engine cooling fan windshield, pressure cap assembly and cylinder head cover. Our products adopt the precision injection molding process, with high production efficiency, low unit cost, good electrical resistance and strong corrosion resistance.